Girl T-shirt Golf

Girl T-shirt Golf

Golfukas (usually, VW Golf MK2) is a first serious sign that you are stepping up the social ladder in the Rajon.

Despite of this, having your own car is a big deal. We bet that your first car had a name and that you cleaned it more often than you have ever cleaned your room. Finally, having a car made you in control to select music (Pop at first, David Guetta later), allowed a couple of your best friends to eat their kebabs in the car (and after careful scrutiny you still manage to find a couple of oil and sauce stains hidden underneath the mat), raced other cars, went to the kiosk to buy a little tree-shaped air refreshener that would smell of pine or vanilla, had the back seat full of junk your friends have left behind (a baseball bat. let’s say that you did play a lot of baseball with your homies back in these days).

Do not let your old good memories to disappear by owning a Golfukas t-shirts!

Model is 173 cm and wears XS.

If you have questions or need a custom size, please contact us: hello@madeinrajon.com

35 EUR