Girl T-shirt Kiosk

Girl T-shirt Kiosk

Kiosk is a magical place of the hood, because it takes up the maximum of two square feet but it contains the most important stuff you can think of. Need a pack of gum before a date? Someone took your lighter and hasn’t returned it? It’s your mother’s birthday and you want to buy her a chocolate and an issue of her favourite woman’s magazine? Look no further!

Kiosk is so much more than a tiny store inhabited by a middle-aged angry lady who is always angry as she doesn’t have the change to your 5 euro bill. It’s a place next to which you can set a meeting point with your homies or the first place in the morning, where you can get an energy drink after a wild party at the flat of your friend Efka.

Having this amazing Kiosk T-Shirt will make you earn some well-deserved respect points!

Model is 173 cm and wears XS.

If you have questions or need a custom size, please contact us: hello@madeinrajon.com

35 EUR