Girl T-shirt Trolleybus

Girl T-shirt Trolleybus

While you are still saving for your first Golfukas or BMW, you must somehow travel around your Rajon or the city. The cheapest (especially if you don’t pay for it) way is by a trolleybus. Anyone who has had the honour to ride trolleys for a while usually have some interesting stories to tell as you may meet a lot of unusual people: there are the ones that talk about politics, eat chicken, entertain the entire trolley with music from their phones or look for new connections by leaving their telephone numbers on the seats in front. There are a lot of things you can do on a trolley, like trying to squeeze into the bus during the morning rush, play the game “Let’s find the furthest spot to sit away from the sleeping homeless guy”, occupy the seats at the back of the trolley (where the cool people sit, obviously) encounter the angry trolley ticket inspectors that one morning when you actually forgot your ticket at home, surrender to the horrible stare of an old lady and give her your seat. Order this Trolleybus t-shirt and see how many people will want to share their own trolley stories with you.

Model is 173 cm and wears XS.

If you have questions or need a custom size, please contact us: hello@madeinrajon.com

35 EUR