T-shirt Marytė

T-shirt Marytė

Marytė used to be a proud owner of the largest collection of pelargoniums in Rajon. Even now, she comes to her balcony every morning to water them and it takes her some time to realize that they all withered away a few years back. However, she now supervises the biggest division of stray cats in Rajon which gathers under her balcony to collect their daily treats. Rumor has it that the cats work as a secret intelligence agency, as Marytė knows everything that happens in Rajon without leaving her apartment. She has been eagerly following the drama between Karina and Efka and sharing it through the  Network of Old Babushkas. This t-shirt is perfect to pay homage to the old babushkas of your rajon who have watched you growing up and now remind you of your happy careless childhood!

Model is 181 cm and wears M.

If you have questions or need a custom size, please contact us: hello@madeinrajon.com

35 EUR