Girl T-shirt Siemkos

Girl T-shirt Siemkos

If you are from the hood, you know what SIEMKOS are. You can state the obvious and say that these are the sunflower seeds but they are actually so much more. They unite the hood!

When you have a pack of them, there are no awkward pauses because you can always fill them by spitting the shells around, you can find new friends in the hood by sharing the seeds with them, you can organize the Street Olympics and compete who will spit the shells the farthest or share them with pigeons and get their trust so they can deliver your messages, leave unpleasant gifts on the BMWs of your enemies or attack them in a kit (yeah, that how a group of pigeons is called, FYI!).

Therefore, always carry a pack of SIEMKOS [pronounced cee-yem-kos] and wear this amazing T-shirt, if you think that sharing is caring so the guys would know who’s their snack-distribution man and get some extra street cred.

Model is 173 cm and wears XS.

If you have questions or need a custom size, please contact us: hello@madeinrajon.com

35 EUR